What is messenger in symfony php?

What is messenger in symfony php?

What is messenger in symfony php?

In Symfony PHP, Messenger is a component that provides a way to send messages between different parts of an application. It follows the message bus pattern, which means that messages are sent to a bus and then dispatched to the appropriate handler.

The Messenger component can be used for different use cases such as sending emails, processing background jobs, and handling event-driven architectures. It abstracts away the transport layer, so you can use different transport types like RabbitMQ, AMQP, Redis, and more.

Here are the main concepts of Messenger:

  • Message: An object that represents the data being passed between the different parts of the application. It should be a plain PHP object with the data needed to perform the work.

  • Handler: A class responsible for handling a specific type of message. It should implement the __invoke() method and contain the logic to perform the work.

  • Bus: A class that receives messages and routes them to the appropriate handler. There are two types of buses in Messenger: the command bus and the event bus.

  • Middleware: A class that can modify a message or perform additional processing before it's handled by the handler.

Using Messenger in Symfony can help to make the application more maintainable and decoupled, and allow for better scalability and reliability.